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Miracles of compactness, sophisticated power plants – ENGIRO electric motors!

Hybridization is the wave of the future. No other technology today offers such enormous potential for saving fuel and reducing emissions. Our specialty is electric motors with a high power density and small footprint. Designed according to customer specifications and constructed as prototypes or manufactured in small quantities. Our product development is dedicated to the responsible use of energy, materials and the environment.

From 10 kW to 400 kW – from range extenders for two-wheeled vehicles and small vehicles to innovative electric drive systems for components of municipal vehicles and motor-generator sets for rail applications – ENGIRO does not sell standardized products, but works with you to find the best-fit solution. Fast, dependably and at an attractive price.

In August 2019, ENGIRO moved its production to the new location at Avantisallee 51.

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For the power unit of the new EVOY1 the boatbuilders chose an ENGIRO-engine of the 260W series. The 8,6m RIB is equipped with a Z-drive and is able to…

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ENGIRO will supply the electric motors to the MOTOSTUDENT teams of the 2019 competition.

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