M 97-250-90-43 aircraft motor

  • 97 kW aircraft motor with a high torque density
  • Low weight and volume
  • No gear drive necessary for the propeller 
  • Suitable for the electrification of small airplanes
  • Available as a prototype with controller



  • Power: 60 kW continous / 97 kW max. (3 min)
  • Max. Torque of 380 Nm; speed range from 0-2400 rpm (max. 2700 rpm)
  • Weight: about 34 kg
  • Dimensions: L = 230 mm; D = 290 mm (outer diameter of housing)

Specific characteristics

  •  No need for a gear drive due to the high torque
  • Hollow shaft for weight reduction and air cooling (in addtion to the water cooling)
  • No risk of humidty or dust inside the motor due to high protection class