Pure driving pleasure

Together with an e-motor from ENGIRO the Yanee-Roadster offers pure driving pleasure – even in the literal sense of the word. Here the lightweight design of the two-seater has been optimally combined with a sophisticated drivetrain system. Without any additional losses the electric motor directly drives the differential of the rear-wheel driven roadster and thereby delivers an acceleration of less than 7 seconds to 100 km/h – while producing zero emissions.

Zitat von Janos Bodzan, Yanee :

“Yanee Software is an innovative, carbon-neutral business that is developing an electric roadster. Created by a team of specialist individuals and established partner companies such as STARD, G-sport Engineering and ENGIRO, the Yanee Roadster aims to be a fun, yet affordable electric-powered sports car.

We are committed to creating one of the best roadsters by producing a powerful, fun, yet sustainable carbon-neutral car. Our primary drive behind the project is to harvest the huge torque that characterises electric power trains, all whilst selling them at an affordable price.

The growth in electric vehicles is significant and with our love and passion for this industry, we want to create a revolutionary product that can allow our clients to join in on the fun guilt-free as our cars create far less harm to the environment.

After the acquisition of the production and distribution rights of what we believe was an obsolete motorbike engined kit car, we felt that it was time to come up with something that was more exciting and more modern. After careful consideration, we have decided to aim for the sky and the idea of the Yanee Roadster was born. So, we set out to find the most talented teams to make that dream a reality.

We are extremely privileged to work with some incredibly talented individuals and partners to make this dream happen. The great levels of experience, professionalism and expertise in their respective fields is what is exciting.”