Great response at AERO 2017

Great response: ENGIRO presented their portfolio of high-end-machines like generators, motors and the new Lightweight-Wankel-Range-Extender at the AERO 2017.

This year ENGIRO presented their product range to the electric aviation industry for the first time and attracted many experts.

The joint stand of EAN- Equator Aircraft Norway and ENGIRO at the AERO 2017 has been a success for both partners. Our stand between future-oriented electric aviation pioneers in hall A7 was very well attended which underlines the significance of this new sector for the aviation industry.

Featured products:

·         The ENGIRO direct drive motor M97 powers the P2 XCURSION amphibious aircraft from EAN

·         For long distance flights ENGIRO designed a  60 kW range extender which is powered by a diesel rotary engine

·         The ENGIRO RE20-3 is a new range extender series as a solution for serial hybrid drive trains

·         THE ENGIRO G18 is a demonstration of a worldwide unique solution for a high-amp 24V onboard-generator. This design can also be applied for air-cooled motors.