New 40 kW Range Extender for Light and Heavy Duty Vehicles

Developed for light and heavy duty vehicles

Based on our previous research and expertise the Range Extender RE 40 has been newly developed from scratch to amend our product range for the application on light and heavy duty vehicles.

Conventional electric vehicles, especially in the area of public transport, suffer from low cruising range, bad coverage of charging stations and the need for additional charging time between daily routines. Equipping a vehicle with the RE 40 will compensate for those weaknesses. Using a range extender on a electric vehicle allows to reduce the total battery capacity and therefore lowers the total weight and costs for acquisition and substitution of batteries while increasing the cruising range. Simultaneously the risk for a break down caused by empty batteries will be eliminated.

Low temperatures during winter season are causing a lower cruising range for electric vehicles due to the batteries chemistry. The need of an electric heater for the passenger cabin stresses the batteries additionally and therefore lowers the cruising range of the vehicle even further.

By utilising the waste heat produced by the RE 40 to climatise the passengers cabin the additional electrical heater can be dispensed with, which results in better power efficiency, lower loads on the battery and therefore higher cruising range. By utilizing a standardised 3-cylinder combustion engine, easy maintenance and Germany wide service is guaranteed. Despite the very compact dimensions of the 1,2 litre engine a state-of-the-art exhaust gas treatment has been placed to comply even with the strict emission standard EURO 6. By constantly focusing on compact dimensions and the use of lightweight and tough materials the whole system comes to a weight of just 165 kg.

The RE 40 is assembled as a complete system consisting of the engine, generator,inverter and a system control unit. Each range extender has to pass an extensive test run on our test bench prior to shipping.