ENGIRO is founded

Together with skilled partners from the industrial and research sectors, Dr.-Ing. E. A. Werner has founded ENGIRO GmbH.

ENGIRO GmbH was founded by Dr.-Ing. E. A. Werner in March 2010 as a union of competent partners from the industrial and research sectors. Our common goal is the development and manufacture of high-performance electrical machines, electric transmissions and drive systems. The company’s offices are initially under the same roof as ISATEC GmbH, an engineering service provider in the Aachen region for over 20 years.

The close cooperation with ISATEC in the design sector in the area of structural analysis is a key element in the ENGIRO enterprise concept. ENGIRO develops and refines machine concepts and in particular the field simulations and designs of electric motors. In this process, we use not only dedicated commercial software but a range of in-house developments as well.