ENGIRO congratulates ISATEC GmbH on its 20th anniversary of consistent success!

20 years of engineering excellence – we congratulate ISATEC GmbH on its anniversary! Founded in 1990 by Dr.-Ing. E. A. Werner, ISATEC GmbH has established itself on the market as an independent service provider with a track record of consistent success. It guarantees innovative high-tech solutions in the design, analysis and optimization of system and machine components in over 2000 projects.

ISATEC operates as an interdisciplinary source of excellence for a wide range of industries, whether developing detectors for measuring minute particles in space, designing power packs for rail transportation or optimizing the mechanism of a nasal spray.

Since its founding, ENGIRO has been not only a neighbor of ISATEC but also a cooperation partner. The mutual support between ENGIRO and ISATEC generates unique added value for our customers. Thus, ENGIRO benefits from its cooperation with ISATEC in the design sector in the area of structural analysis. ISATEC for its part is happy to utilize ENGIRO’s competence.