Award for Engiro

ENGIRO GmbH is among the first 30 prize winners in the NoAE Innovations Competition 2010.

ENGIRO was one of 30 award-winners at the NoAE Innovations Competition 2010 during the W├╝rzburg Automobile Summit. Our entry this year was an ultra-compact 16kW range extender (RE) for electric vehicles.

ENGIRO has developed an extremely compact generator module for use in range extenders. The technology comprised by the wear-free generator, which features permanent magnet excitation, electromagnetic optimization and selected materials, provides for extraordinarily efficient power generation.

The modular concept allows for the generation of variable customer-specific voltages ranging from 75V to 600V. The module is also designed for connection to different motor systems.

The solution is especially compact in combination with a Wankel engine. In close collaboration with AIXRO GmbH of Aachen, the race-tested AIXRO Wankel engine was equipped with the 16kW generator to form an extremely compact unit.

The RE weighs roughly 40 kg. Measuring just 300 x 220 x 240 mm, it fits on a standard sheet of paper (DIN A4).

Thanks to the RE, the battery pack of an electric vehicle can be adapted for primary use in short-distance travel, thereby reducing weight and volume without sacrificing utility, while cutting battery costs significantly.

We are very pleased to have won the NoAE Innovation Award and especially proud of this achievement after just 9 months of operation.