Focus: Automotive

In the automotive sector, we offer our customers the full range of engineering services, from basic design to prototypes for demonstrators and test vehicles. Applications include parallel and serial hybrids, wheel hub and axle drives. In each case, we develop series-optimized drive systems to meet individual customer specifications.

Pure electric vehicles will predominate primarily in city traffic, as around 80% of cars in daily use travel less than 40 km per day. This is the ideal application for battery-powered electric vehicles – but what happens if the battery is empty or the car must travel a longer distance? This is where the range extender with a small combustion engine comes in, which delivers electrical energy during the drive in conjunction with a special generator and thus ensures uninterrupted mobility. Developing a range extender is a key mission of ENGIRO GmbH.

Further possible applications for hybrid drives are in urban distribution traffic as well as in city vehicles such as buses, package delivery, waste management vehicles and delivery services. Agricultural machinery such as harvesters and construction vehicles like bulldozers and cranes can also be converted to electric motors.

Today, cars with a fuel cell as the energy converter and an electric motor are considered the technology for the future of the new millennium. Fuel cells produce electricity from hydrogen and oxygen by converting chemical into electric energy. The only exhaust is water. If the hydrogen is produced using regenerative technologies, these vehicles operate completely emission-free. Our partner ISATEC GmbH has for many years been a leader in the development of customer-specific carbon high-pressure tanks for storing hydrogen up to 700 bar.