E-drives for municipalities and industry

Municipal vehicles – when electrically powered – can make an enormous contribution to noise reduction, air pollution control and image enhancement, especially in inner-city areas.




Traction motors

As a traction motor for refuse collection vehicles, ENGIRO has the 370 W set to offer, which meets even the toughest requirements with its 3,500 Nm and more than 340 kW continuous power. Its high reluctance torque electromagnetic design enables outstanding efficiency over a wide speed range, which is a major advantage over motors with surface magnets. The design also allows for gearless use directly on the differential of the rear truck axle.


Hydraulic motors

ENGIRO can provide various hydraulic motors, with the power varying between 15 and 120 kW depending on side loader or rear loader application. Frequently used models include motors 205W_04192 or 205W_08095 with 30 kW in combination with a sensorless converter.


Other applications