Electric motors for sophisticated utility vehicles

Construction sites in urban areas, wheel loaders in the agricultural or food sector, in waste disposal and infrastructure can prevent unnecessary air pollution for people and the environment through the use of electric drives.




Traction motors

ENGIRO supplies motors up to 340 kW for construction machines. These are e.g. connected to planetary gears or used for direct differential propulsion. The requirements of ISO 20653 are particularly high in this regard, which is why all our motors meet the IP 6K9K protection class.


Hydraulic motors

In most applications, the diesel engine is replaced by an ENGIRO electric motor, while the hydraulic circuit is maintained. To this end, ENGIRO supplies motors from 48 V to 700 V and a power range of up to 120 kW. To facilitate direct mounting of the various pump sizes to the motor without coupling, we provide different flanges according to ISO 3019-1 and shafts according to ANSI B 92.1 with 9T, 13T or 15T gearing. In many cases, the scope of delivery also includes a motor control (converter). This converter is fully set up on our own test benches, with respective data sets adjustable to customer-specific requirements. Here we can also implement sensorless systems.


Other applications